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What Is The Proper Term Paper Format?

It is not uncommon for students to want help with an assignment as complex as a term paper. How to write the paper is a common topic, as is how to come up with the proper format before submitting it to your teacher. The problem is that when you turn to the Internet, you do not always find the information needed—especially if you are unsure of what your teacher wants in the first place.

MLA or APA Term Paper Format

If you refer to the assignment guidelines, you will find your teacher has given a specific style of writing that you should use. MLA and APA are the most common, depending on your grade level and the complexity of the assigned topic. The good news is that if a specific style has been advised for you to use, you can usually find a term paper example that will guide you in what to write.

Elements of Proper Formatting

  • The Title Page- One thing that changes based on the style of writing is how the title page is constructed. Most require information like the title of the topic, your name, the instructors name, and the date that it is due. Sometimes, the instructor’s name is left off in lieu of information about the course.
  • Consistency with Font and Margins- If you look at a term paper sample, you will find that there is a consistency between the pages. This is because the margins (the white space around the size) are all consistent. They are usually placed at 1”. The font size will also be consistent. Size 12 is most common and instructors request that students use an easy-to-read font.
  • References and Citations- Most papers require references of the information you have used. As you advance in school, in-text citations also become the normal expectation for papers. This is important because it provides credit for the ideas you have used and prevents accusations of plagiarism. If you look at an example of a term paper, you may have a better idea of what is required in this area.

A Note: Be Cautious with Templates

Finding a term paper format that fits your teacher’s exact requests can become easier if you use a template. However, unless it is provided by your teacher, you should still read through all the elements and make sure they fit within the project guideline.

By referring to term paper samples and following the basic guidelines above, meeting your teacher’s expectations will become significantly easier. It does not have to be a constant challenge to meet your teacher’s demands. Make a checklist to be sure you do not miss anything and after a quick check, you will be on your way to a perfect term paper.